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Autism Specturum Disorder Dentistry



   We believe in creating a life long relationship with all of our patients and their families, not only to achieve dental health, but to instill trust, confidence, accommodate your needs, and develop a feeling of well being in going to the dentist.

​   We realize the level of anxiety of a child with autism spectrum disorder can reach during a dental visit and we understand how this stress can impact the family. In order to support your child and family we offer, but not limited to, the following services:

  • In-depth pre-appointment survey to identify triggers that increase your childs level of anxiety and ways that this can be managed.

  • Multiple desensitizationappointments. Which include tours of the dental office during or after business hours (depending on your childs needs), and introduction to the various equipment and materials used during various procedures.

  • Prior to the first apppointment you will be provided with social story books and videos of the various stages of each dental procedure. Which we request the parents review with your child everyday. These materials are useful in allowing your child to know what to expect upon their visit.

​During the appointment(s) we will provide visual prompting devices, stress reduction tools and rewards systems so that your child knows what to expect at each step of the visit and to help to reduce the level anxiety. Any personal items that help your child relax or give a sense of security are welcomed and encouraged to bring to the dental appointments.


We are in tune with the needs of children with autism through attending seminars presented by leading national experts in the field of autism. Summer 2010 Dr. Fugaro attended the following workshops:


     *No more meltdowns -

        By Dr. Jed Baker, 

   *Teach life skills to kids with autism or Asperger's -

        By Jennifer McIlwee Myers.

   *Asperger's on the job -

           By Rudy Simone.

   *The way I see it: A personal look at Autism & Asperger's -

         By Dr. Temple Grandin.

   *Making friends and managing feelings -

         By Dr. Tony Attwood .

    As well, as developing our office protocol with the prestigious local SLP JoAnne Hebert and ABA provider Jessie Gaudio who work on a daily basis with children in the spectrum, including:


   *A dental approach for children with ASD -

           By JoAnne Hebert SLP, MSPA CCC-sp.

   *Hands on training in a dental office for children with ASD -

           By Jessie Gaudio ABA provider.

   Our ultimate goal for our patients with autism is for them to be able to know what to expect during their dental visit, to be comfortable at the dentist, and to achieve a lifetime of dental health.




    - Our son M., is on the autism spectrum and has been overwhelming unsuccesful with dental visits until we began seeing Dr. Fugaro and his staff. His office provides social stories and videos to ensure that M. knows exactly what comes next and when the visit is finished. This tailored ASD dental approach has made it possible fo M. to feel comfortable and look forward to his dental appointments. We are thrilled with the results.     K. & C. C. July 2011.

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