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What to expect


Our desire is to address your most immediate concerns first. For new patients due for their regular dental cleaning, a comprehensive exam will be provided, which includes:


  • A regular oral cancer screening by Dr. Fugaro plus, for an affordable extra fee, a Velscope oral cancer exam 

  • Necessary x-rays, which are often scheduled on the same day as your initial visit with the hygienist.

  • Dr. Fugaro will provide a rigorous dental examination to support your long-term oral health, often times we will use our intra-oral camera to show and explain to you any dental concern.


If you are in pain or have a dental emergency, we will reserve time with Dr. Fugaro between patients on the day that you call.


Children of all ages are welcomed into our practice. Whether the first visit consists of a look at the dental tools, a ride in the chair or a completed cleaning and exam, our goal is to establish a good relationship with your child. We offer rewards from our Treasure Box at the end of your child's appointment. We also accept Washington State Apple Health for children throught the age of 18.


Dr. Fugaro and Eagle Harbor Dental staff are always honored to welcome new patients. Providing us with the name and phone number of your previous dentist will expedite the process of requesting current records. If you have dental insurance, we will ask for details that will help us provide more accurate estimates regarding your coverage.


Patient information and health history forms can be download from the link on the home page for your completion prior to your first visit. Some patients require an antibiotic pre-medication prior to dental appointments. If this applies to you, please inform us at your initial contact and we will confirm those details with your physician and provide prescriptions, as necessary, to your pharmacist.


Our sincere desire to serve your needs is evident in our commitment to provide you with the education necessary to make informed decisions regarding your treatment.


We offer early morning, evening, and Saturday appointments. You will receive a postcard, phone call, and/or an e-mail alert to remind you of upcoming appointments. We offer nitrous oxide at a very affordable fee.


We work very hard to ensure that each visit to our office exceeds your expectations. Thus, we are always open to hear your suggestions or concerns. To that end, we strive to be outstanding in all aspects of patient care and are dedicated to making your visits as comfortable as possible.

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