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Fluoride Treatments are not just for Children

There are numerous benefits to topical fluoride treatments for adults at your recall appointments.

1- Fluoride increases the acid resistance of all exposed tooth structure- enamel, dentin and root surfaces to lessen your chance at developing cavities.

2- It has been shown to be beneficial at strengthening the interface where a filling or crown meets the tooth surface.

3- It can help reduce tooth sensitivity to temperature.

4- Helps to prevent cavities in individuals suffering from dry mouth due to systemic conditions or multiple medications.

*** In the office it is no longer applied in those foam trays many people may remember from their childhood. Today we apply the topical fluoride as a varnish in approximately 1 minute. The varnish can adhere to your teeth for up to 1 week.

*** It is a low cost preventive measure to help maintain your teeth and your fillings/crown work.

At your next recall appointment as Dr. Fugaro or your hygienist if you could benefit from topical fluoride ate your future recall appointments.

As always- thank you for your continued trust and support.

All the best-

Dr. Fugaro

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